NEMARI is a unique home of luxury, founded by Mariam Boreh.

The label is a dedication to her late sister, Nema, who has been the motivation and inspiration behind the brand. Mariam spent her time traveling more than usual after the loss of Nema to distance and busy her mind.

While traveling, she found that her makeup bag could not keep up with the heavy-duty usage of frequent flying. Thus, NEMARI was born, rising from the combinations of both Nema and Mariam’s names.

NEMARI thought out and established in Dubai, UAE, has since then been an outset of sheer elegance and craftsmanship. A personal celebration of Mariam’s French nationality and heritage of her Djiboutian and Yemeni roots.
The collection is a mark of tradition, class, and creativity, where sophistication meets functionality.

After Mariam attended her first World Cup Final in 2018 and celebrated the win of her french home team, she decided to commemorate this special experience with an exceptional design. She observed athletes with their wash bags snug under their arms and set her sights on creating her own version of the classic wash bag.

Mariam has a powerful vision for the brand; namely to create everyday luxury accessories for use both in and out of the house.
From those who live active lifestyles, to the frequent fliers, and even the design-conscious home organisation connoisseurs, NEMARI is suited to people from all walks of life.

NEMARI invites you to take a journey with the product range, offering more than just a travel bag.
The collection provides practical solutions to everyday needs; whether packing luggage effectively or decluttering your home environment.

Made from custom artisanal bovine leather and assembled by skilled craftsmen at the brand’s chosen factory partner in India, the collection is pure opulence combined with affordability.

NEMARI is a true labour of love and company ethics are of the utmost importance.